To the cretinous twats who are *STILL* making reports about posts: FUCK OFF! The posts you are complaining about contain data, evidence, and direct quotes; almost all from what would be considered mainstream sources. Your childish complaints contain none of those things, you state a dislike for a post and expect it to be censored, THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. YOU DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE MAY SEE. If you don't like something on here fuck off, and don't fucking come back!

You seem to be too dim to discern who I am, I own, and pay for, the domain, I'm also paying for hosting of this instance, and I am solely responsible for moderation. You whiny little bitches are asking the guy who owns and pays for everything to delete his own posts, for no other reason than you have hurt fee fees, you must have shit for brains if you think I'm going to delete my own posts to please you.

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